Rome2Rio – The Tool to use for your Travel Dreams

Rome2Rio – The Tool to use for your Travel Dreams

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Rome2Rio is an excellent tool to estimate the travel time and costing when you get all excited about traveling to an exotic place in the world or you could use it for just your routine travel . I will explain how I use it; I am watching Discovery channel, in a program by name My Cypriot Kitchen presented by the lovely Tonia Buxton, she is touring the villages of Cyprus to cook and taste home made food. I get enchanted by beautiful country sides, the same happens here and I have a sudden urge to find out the practicalities of visiting these places currently being shown on the program. I open up Rome2Rio, type in my city name and the name of the place I wish to visit. Rome2Rio is so detailed that it shows you even the 10 minute travels required to get to the place you plan to visit. I can do the same using the Free IOS App offered by Rome2Rio as well.

Guntur to Omodos by train plane Express taxi Rome2rio

Once I am presented with the above route plan and the budgets I see that this is costing me about $824 just for travel and a meagre 21 hours one way, although I feel that the above plan is a good trip for some other time later, I decide it is much more inexpensive to change the channel rather that watch Tonia Braxton crooning about Cyprus and its wonderful delights in a manner that I get tempted to be on location.

Cleartrip Waytogo – Find travel routes from anywhere to anywhere around the world

Cleartrip has recently come up with a sub site called Waytogo, this uses the API of Rome2Rio but the appearance is different and I am sure Cleartrip must have added some nice touches to the above to Indianize it.