Premier Inn Anjuna – Review

Premier Inn Anjuna – Review

Once we decided we were heading to Goa during the monsoons, it was a matter of finding a good deal on the hotel as this was going to be a 5-night trip. After a brief search, I found the best bet on MakemyTrip which offered the room for around Rs. 3000 per night as part of a special offer. This price also included the breakfast for all the days.

The decision to book the room at Premier Inn Anjuna was made easier by the fact that it was the No.1 rated hotel in Anjuna as per Tripadvisor and the fact that MakeMyTrip was offering a room of Rs. 5000 for Rs. 3000.

Many reviews suggested that the place was hard to find but we found it in a breeze. It was around 7 when we reached the hotel and we were very well received and quickly checked in. The property has around 120 rooms and it is a huge property.

Premier Inn Anjuna
Relaxation Room at Premier Inn Anjuna

Some positives you can consider if you wish to go for Premier Inn Anjuna.

  1. The property is clean and very well maintained.
  2. The location is perfect, you can just get out to most attractions and places of interest in less than 15-20 minutes.
  3. The response time of the staff is impeccable. Room services are lightning fast in fulfilling your requests.
  4. The front office is extremely professional and impeccably trained to serve guests.
  5. Other staff are very friendly, we met many who spoke with us, gave us advice on locations and so on.
  6. The breakfast spread is nice, there is almost everything that is supposed to be available at an upscale place.
  7. The property as mentioned earlier is huge, you could take a small stroll around the property anytime.
  8. There is a relaxation room which we really enjoyed. It is basically a huge lounge with comfy sofas and recliners scattered around.
  9. The balcony of the room is a nice touch where 2 chairs fit very comfortably, during the rains, it is a nice place to relax.
  10. The pool, as informed by staff is the biggest one in entire North Goa and it did not disappoint. It was massive and was clean and well maintained. It was one of the primary attractions of Premier Inn Anjuna which we and other guests thoroughly enjoyed.
  11. One of the most aspects of a room is the washroom and this one was very nice. Clean and had a rain shower.

I can hardly say the following are negatives but I would suggest you take them into consideration so you are not disappointed when you arrive at Premier Inn Anjuna

  1. The rooms are small. If you are two people and require twin beds like us, it could get a bit small, however, if you are a couple and ask for a queen/king bed, there should be more room. If you have kids, it will be a real challenge. Although small, the room as well furnished and are well maintained.
  2. We had breakfast on all five days and it was sumptuous offering, however, food, as ala carte/room service was expensive, portions are small and the taste is nothing of note.

We had a thoroughly nice experience at Premier Inn Anjuna during the five days of our stay and to not find any major glitches over the period of five days is quite an achievement by the staff. I really do wish most hotels invest as much as Premier Inn Anjuna have invested in their staff. I have to repeat that they are courteous and knowledgeable.

I will not mind staying here again or recommending this to my friends. Definitely a safe bet.