Palavelli Boutique Resorts – Review

Palavelli Boutique Resorts – Review

Palavelli Boutique Resorts has the potential to be Andhra Pradesh’s best resort. I was saddened to see the current situation of the place. To begin with, I had to ring them 8 times over 6 hours for someone to pick the phone. Once they picked up, I was told the best deals were online, I generally call the hotel to see if they can offer a better price. We arrived in the evening at around 5, the lobby was beautiful, it was an open lobby and one of its kind amongst many places I have visited. The beauty of the region, let alone this resort is a sight to behold. The resort was planned beautifully, it was executed perfectly, not sure where what went wrong but the current situation of the resort is unacceptable. Such places need a lot of TLC (Tender Loving Care) but this one is getting none.

Half the place is broken, our room was big, the linen was not great, the mattress was just a hard one, the bed runner was torn up, not sure why they are using it still. The biggest shocker was the washroom. There were footprints all over the washroom, we knew this because someone took the liberty of stepping on mud and using the washroom. I pointed this out to the guy who brought us to the room but nothing happened. We washed that away. The shower unit is completely rusted and has a lot of residue building up that we even had a hard time touching it. The WC was decent but not up to the standard of an Rs. 3400 room. Over the bathroom was the deal breaker.

Next was the food, which is priced over the top. We had a Konaseema grill and we were charged Rs. 700 and it was a measly portion. 80% of their menu is defunct and you can order from the limited options they offer. Basic stuff such as Tandoor items is missing. No roti, not nan, just tawa fried pulka was offered. Apart from that, the taste was terrible, the spice almost killed us both. I ordered some Junnu, its a dessert made with a lactating cows milk. It came in a small cup and it was priced Rs. 100 + Taxes. Are you kidding me? A slice of that costs Rs. 30 in the most premium of sweet shops and moreover I did not feel like eating Junnu, it was more of peppercorns. We were wrong billed but we sorted that out the next day. On the day we arrived, we had Chicken Pakodi in the restaurant and we were charged Rs. 275.

This definitely is not the way to run a resort. If they balanced the prices with the service they offered and provided good rooms, maybe it would seem justified. But at this point, it is a rip-off. We were told half the rooms are not being given out as they have issues. Its almost as if they are fixing a leak in a dam with a band-aid. The place is massive, the pond is completely unmaintained, they have closed access to it but we just went in.

The access route to the rooms has a narrow walkway with the pool on one side and there are no barricades, so if a child were to slip, it would be fatal. Free breakfast was decent with Dosa, Idly, Gaare and Pongal. Coffee and tea were served, overall breakfast was nice. The staff are nice, nice in a way that they are not rude or speak back. They just listen to you silently and promise what you ask. The problem is, they do not have the resources to do their job. All in all, I hope they get some funding and restore this place. It is beautiful and can become a slice of paradise if a lot of work is put into it. Until then, I will avoid it on all counts.