Transmedia Guntur – Unreliable & Unethical

Transmedia Guntur – Unreliable & Unethical

Do yourself a favour and read this before you apply for a broadband connection from Transmedia Guntur.

Transmedia Guntur Broadband services have been one of the worst services I have ever used. I have used 4 different broadband providers in Guntur and Transmedia rates as the worst of the lot. The problem is that you can never really depend on them to provide you consistent broadband service or tend to issues promptly.

Just like me, I am sure you will have a moments thought that just paying Rs. 1000 as nonrefundable deposit and getting an internet connection with hardly any paperwork is the best way to get access to the internet at home or office. The answer is NO. Do not go for Transmedia Guntur. The main issue is the line stability. I have been using Transmedia for the past 4 months at my office and shorter than that at home. There is not a day that passes without us calling the Transmedia support, which by the way is only open at 10AM and closes in the evening.

They are not open on holidays or Sundays. So, for example, if you lose you internet connection on Saturday night, you will have to wait till Monday 10 AM for them to pick your call, the guy will say he will send someone, the moment these guys come around your place, they will fix the issue in a minute, because, it’s just some wire getting cut, misplaced etc. It is pathetic to think that our internet connections are based on luck.

There was a period when my issue was not resolved for over a period of 12 days, I had to yell and scream and also ask for my money back to get them to come around to fix a small problem. If it rains, you lose the internet, if there is power cut somewhere, you lose the internet. It is pathetic.

The guys who pick up the calls are just guys without basic education, they are just robotic, even if it is the 10th time you call them, they will behave the same way as they did the first time.

Stick with BSNL broadband. BSNL FTTH or ACT. I am discontinuing my relation with Transmedia and I do not want anyone else to go through the miserable situations I went, though.

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Since I wrote this, ACT Fibrenet has come up in Guntur and I have replaced my broadband connection. I am extremely happy with ACT, if you want a new connection, you can start by clicking here.