Restaurant Review; The Oriental Pavilion, Fortune Murali Park, Vijayawada

Restaurant Review; The Oriental Pavilion, Fortune Murali Park, Vijayawada

We wanted to celebrate a birthday and we decided to go to The Oriental Pavilion, I myself chose this place because back in the day when I was eating vegetarian, I visited this place with a friend and found it to be decent.

I called the restaurant in the morning and asked if they could arrange for a cake, the guy said he could, I asked what flavours are available and he requested that he call back with all the information but he never did, this was supposed to be the surprise cake.

When we arrived, the carpets smelled, when my friend asked, he was told that by the waiter that it will go away. Things did not go well after this, the food was just fried stuff thrown into sauces to be called Chinese, it was far from authentic and far from Chinese.

The menu was torn, the place had only 1 other table occupied, we did order the cake but the guy kept shouting all over the place about the cake and the surprise element had disappeared.

There was another menu from their continental kitchen but we were told any order from that menu will take more than 45 minutes, this menu included north Indian too, so we were stuck with the so called Chines food.

Service was so so and the place really did not meet our expectations. I always have high hopes when I go into a Fortune chain of hotel or restaurant but this was one a big let down.