Rayalaseema Ruchulu Restaurant Review | Jubilee Hills Branch

Rayalaseema Ruchulu Restaurant Review | Jubilee Hills Branch

On the evening of 24th October, three of my friends visited inorbit mall, it was a mad rush, it was crowded like something I never saw, we wanted to leave, we were looking around for a good restaurant to have dinner at. We were four and the majority voted for the nearest spot rather than travel far. I popped out my phone, used Zomato and RR (Rayala Seema Ruchulu) came up. Everyone agreed and we were there within a few minutes. We did not find the valet, so we parked the car road side of the hill.

We were quite early, at around 19:30, the restaurant had only 5-6 tables occupied. Even at this the service seemed rushed, we ordered soup and a couple of starters. I had asked for the napkin holder to be replenished as soon as I ordered, the person serving us, nodded to acknowledge me. The soup and starters arrived, The RR special chicken was a let down, its nothing boneless chicken fillets basted in heavy masala and deep fried. This was recommended by the person taking the order and even after asking for medium spicy, it brought tears to my eyes. The second was a Crispy Vegetables (vegetarian starter) and I did not taste it or pay much attention to it as I am seriously a pure non vegetarian. My friend who is a pure vegetarian and he seemed to quite like it. My favorite at RR is Jeera rice with Brain Fry, I actually ordered this as soon as I came but asked them to hold it as they normally have only one brain. Other ordered a Raagi Sangati with Natu Kodi and Vankaya Pulusu.

My Jeera rice arrived along with the Bheja fry(feel something weird when I keep writing Brain Fry), the Bheja fry was spectacular as I always knew it, the Jeera rice though was crispy. So crispy that it cracked when I ate it, just before I asked for a replacement, I served a spoon each to my friends and everyone confirmed that it was not freshly made or it must have been over fried. In the meanwhile, another of my friends joined us at the table and as he did not want to eat so he ordered a pepsi, I also did reminded him to bring over some serviettes. When asked about the Jeera rice, the waiter insisted I will have to talk to the person taking the orders and he would fetch him for me. It was a good seven minutes before the person turned up. As I explained and put a spoon of rice in his palm, he sort of squeezed it and confirmed it was hard and ordered a replacement. My Bheja fry had gone cold and its gross eating a cold Bheja. What followed was dramatic, the waiter came back with the rice and was speaking to the order taker at a distance, an argument followed, not that I knew what they were talking but I guessed something was not right. Eventually the waiter left the rice he was holding on the side and approached to tell me that the item ‘Jeera Rice’ will always be like that and he requested me to order a replacement. The order taker in the meanwhile stepped in and was suggesting alternate rice items, I was in a bit of a shock and just wanted anything to eat my wonderful Bheja with. I just asked them to bring my rice, which was laying uncovered on the side plank, I just ate two spoons and left the rest. No one seemed to mind that a customer was not eating what they had served.

The service was horrible, they guy who was taking the orders wouldn’t let us have our food in peace, he would come over every 2 minutes to ask what we needed next, at one point one of my friends replied by asking if the kitchen was going to close. The bill turned out to be 1900, we paid and left the place, My friends did like their items so they really did not have any issues. Oh and by the way, the serviettes (were given when they eventually brought the finger bowels over) and the pepsi my friend asked for never arrived.

My Marks;
Food: 50/100
Drinks: 80/100
Service: 10/100
Ambiance: 90/100


  • Authentic food options
  • Good traditional ambience


  • Lack of basic understanding of customer service
  • Customer satisfaction not a priority

[sws_blue_box box_size=”600″] This was a wonderful place to have some traditional food, I now believe the management has taken it for granted and are taking the customers for a ride, if they cannot replace a Jeera rice which the waiter and order taker both acknowledged that it was not right, what expectations can you have visiting this place? [/sws_blue_box]


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