Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills – Review

Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills – Review

We were at the Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills on a Wednesday evening at around 21:00.

From his earlier visit, my friend was impressed with the interiors of this place. He did mention that the food was not up to the mark and especially warned us against ordering pork ribs as he thought the cuts were too heavy on the fat. I was very impressed with the way the restaurant was set up, the stairs were a bit tasking and doubt if there were any accessibility options for an aged person or someone in a wheelchair to visit their place. Either way, the place was pretty and well decorated tastefully.

We were well received and provided a nice table in the concealed air conditioned part of the restaurant. Our troubles started when we asked for some bread to be brought in, this request was made almost as soon as we sat at the table. A good 10 minutes later and reminding about 3 members, the bread was not there. Just to make sure, we asked if they freshly baked their bread on the premises. Unfortunately, the guy would not understand English, the English he spoke was fragmented and terrible. He was trained to be on the floor of a fine dine, he might pass on a regular local restaurant but not this one. We later realised that most had no knowledge of the menu as we began to ask questions. We eventually gave up, no offence to the guys but it is the management to blame to be pushing staff that are not suitable trained.

Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – Review
Bread at the Olive Bistro,

Our bread arrived, it was warm, crunchy and soft. The concussion which was some sort of salsa that was served with the bread was awful. The bread itself had a strong olive oil flavour which was good but the impact of the flavour was too strong at times. We ordered food as the bread was kept on the table. We ordered the battered Fish and Chips and also ordered a Pizza, which was OB Classic Double Cheese and Pepperoni.

We had hardly finished our bread when the food was on the Table, including the pizza, which we began to wonder how they churned out in less than 6 minutes time. Either way, the battered fish was poor, nothing but the cheap and tasteless Basa covered with batter and tossed into the fryer. Just a posh name for fish nuggets.

Battered Fish and Chips at the Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – Review
Battered Fish and Chips; Fish Nuggets

The Pizza was fantastic. The base was well done and the pepperoni was very tasty. The cheese had nothing to say that it was double cheese, we cracked a few jokes that if this was double cheese, we wondered how the regulars were. This is also the part where everything began to fall apart. For the Fish nuggets, I asked for some mayonnaise and for the Pizza, I asked for some Parmesan. We kept begging every other person who we could find to get us these but to no avail. Considering, we had a pizza to finish, we were nibbling away and asked about 4 times about our Mayo and Parmesan, coming sir, coming sir was the reply every single time. We were on the final slices of pizza and there were no nuggets left when these arrived. When I really got pissed off and asked the person who brought these in why it would take them 10-15 minutes to bring in condiments, the answer was honest but shocking, “we forgot”.

We also felt that we were inferiorly treated. The crowd consisted mostly of expats and well-dressed people who were probably having the very important day of their lives. We were in our casuals and did not really feel as if this was something important, to us, this is just another restaurant and food was on the priority.

Double Cheese Pepperoni Pizza at Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – Review
Double Cheese Pepperoni Pizza: more Cheese please

We left after the mains, did not order the desserts. Overall, guess you have to be very careful about what you order and service seems to be a hit and miss at this place. I recommend Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills for the ambience, the decor, the crowd and some items on the menu. I would like Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills to improve on staff training and have their condiments available so they can be whisked to the table when asked for.

Overall, it was a bad experience for us.