My Experience with Online Shopping Site Zansaar.com

My Experience with Online Shopping Site Zansaar.com

Zansaar Online Store Review

Zansaar.com gives you the impression that it is not your normal online retailer and that is true. They sell curated collections along with world foods. I got hold of a Rs. 500 off Rs. 1000 voucher which I decided to spend on some quality Bonne Maman Preserves. I ordered 3 of these preserves which brought the cart value to Rs. 1030, applied the Rs. 500 off voucher which gave me a discount and brought the cart value to Rs. 530. Ordered via COD and went out and bought some bread to spread my Preserves on.

Order got confirmed and the delivery date was provided as 21st, decent enough, although not lightning fast, 5 days is a lot of time, especially when your delivery service is GATI. I gave the Rs. 530 on the 21st to my front office and informed them of the delivery.

To my surprise I did not receive the deliver. I checked my email, I then checked my order page, both had no updates. The estimated delivery date was still 21st and my understanding is that the delivery date projected by the online retailers is the latest they think the delivery might take.

I initiated a chat on the 22nd and informed a customer support agent of the issue, she checked and informed that it might take another 48 hours for the package to arrive. I was disappointed that this matter was not communicated to me. The agent was well trained and handled me well, she apologized and promised she would deliver my feedback of having a notification system in case of delays to her highers.

On the 23rd, a person from GATI called me, I did not like the tone in which he asked for my address. I informed him that the address was clearly mentioned on the shipment and it was a very easy address to find. A few hours later, the package arrived.

Packaging by Zansaar

The contents were packed like you would wrap a newly born. My jars of Jam could have survived an earthquake. If I did not care about the ecosystem, recycling and the environment, I would have to say, I have never seen anything packed so well. The GATI delivery boy asked for an additional Rs. 20 from my person, not sure why that was as I was not on the spot. Overall a satisfactory transaction, the packaging made up for the delay however, a delay alert notification system in place  would be desirable..

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