Golden Dragon – Taj Krishna Review

Golden Dragon – Taj Krishna Review

It was my best buddy’s birthday and I drove 350 kilometres to be present on the day. It was not one of those parties where there are a group of people and the only option that would seem available was Barbecue Nation, we were only 3 guys wanting to fine dine this evening. Me and another one of my friend are suckers for anything oriental, we picked Golden Dragon which none of us had earlier visited.

We are generally conscious of Chinese restaurants that pretend to be authentic but are far from anything close to being authentic. This is not being said as an account of my gluttony adventures within the China Town in London, but this comes from some one who has lived with a Chinese girlfriend and her friends for over an year.

As we took our seats, we were the only ones present in the restaurant. I do not understand the concept of hiring North East Indians in the guise of passing them off as Chinese as I noticed that 80% of the serving staff were.

The steward was Indian and we were served Kimchi to begin with, as I recognized it immediately, I asked the steward why we were being served Korean in a Chinese restaurant. He smilingly responded that the Kimchi was Chinese. This scared the hell out of me, did we come to the wrong place? Were we going to be served rubbish drenched in Soy sauce? were some of the questions that were buzzing in my head. (By now you must understand that we take our food very seriously)

For started we ordered various Soups each which were all decent. For starters, we ordered Crispy Fried Chilly Fish, Soft Shell Crab and Dry Chilly Lamb. For mains we ordered the Crispy Duck, Lobster and another Chicken disk along with one rice and a fried rice.

The best part of these dishes were the Lobster and the Duck. Never before was I served this quantity of Lobster, it was cooked perfectly. The Duck although was not on par with the Chinese restaurant on the China Town was still very nice. Everything was well served and well presented. We decided to cut our cake and right at that moment, we had the steward outside the restaurant beside us, glass separating us, lighting some fire works, this was a pleasant surprise and a nice gesture as they really did not need to do this.

Later on, we asked the staff to take a part of the cake, instead, they actually brought us another cake from their patisserie, so my friend had 2 cakes to cut and he did. They packed our cake and also accepted part of our cake. A wonderful evening, all thanks to Golden Dragon and their lovely staff.

The chef and the manage came out to have a word with us, upon active discussion with the chef, we could say that he was well experienced.

Apart from the Kimchi incident, I can say that you can count on them when you really feel like eating authentic Chinese food.