Barcelos – Forum Mall, Hyderabad

Barcelos – Forum Mall, Hyderabad

If you are familiar with Nandos, this is very close to that. We went here as a group of 7 adults and 3 children. We placed our order of 2 family platters which were 4 chickens, 9 wings, and chicken livers with many sides.

We were served the livers, wings and one chicken in about 10 minutes. We had them and the next sides took 20 minutes to be served and the rest of the chickens were given after 45 minutes. The problem with this was that everyone at the table lost their appetites after the first round of food as the gap between the servings was close to an hour. To start off, a lady in a black dress served us, she was arrogant to the core, it was nothing that she said or done but I could sense that with the body language and her response. It was more like, you guys are in a place you have no idea what you are ordering and eating, look up to me.

When I pointed her towards an uncooked chicken piece, her instant response was, it is not uncooked, it must be some blood. I would have taken this as a positive answer but before responding, she did not even look at the piece.

We also had to find someone every time for a refill of water or when we needed some cutlery. I would assume, someone would keep an eye on a table of 10.

In terms of the food, the sauces are not balanced for some reason. I have done a lot of research on Piri Piri based sauces and these are the worst ones I ever had. The ones I make at home are better than these.

About the chicken, the chicken they have chosen are way too big to be tasty. You will understand what I am talking if you are into chickens. Nando’s does a great job by keeping their chicken at a decent size to keep the taste.

Overall, a poor experience on all counts, the only bright part was the person serving us who took over from the lady, he was very professional with a smile. The bar counter guys also need to be commended for entertaining the kids with a smile but I refuse to go any higher that one star for the raw chicken, unacceptable service by the lady and the hideous delay which resulted in an absolute waste of close to Rs. 7000, we just had to pack the leftovers and give them away.