Aukey Charging Station – Review

Aukey Charging Station – Review

In this Aukey Charging Station – Review the model being reviewed below is the Aukey PA-U37 5 Port 25W USB Charging Station (Black)

Aukey is a trusted brand worldwide, I know this as I regularly frequent Amazon.com and keep a close watch on some products so I can order them when someone is travelling. The brand which is probably better than Aukey is Anker, there are some products available here on Amazon.

As most of Aukey’s higher end charges are powered at 40W+ and are almost more than double the cost of this one, I decided to go with this 25W charger to try out my first charging station. You can have a look at the Aukey range here. At Rs. 1000, I decided to take the plunge and ordered it, free delivery arrived within 48 hours.

I opened it instantly to find a small box, the size of my phone and the thickness of a bulky paperback book. The packaging was rich, I was not very impressed at how light the product was, it was almost as if there was nothing inside. The outer sides of the box are in matte plastic while the side where there are ports is glossy plastic. The power cord supplied is too small for my liking, it is short of a meter and that means that this has to put right next to a power point unless you have other conveniences or have an extension which pretty much everyone has these days.

This is a 25W charger, which will, in other words, distribute 5 amp of charge. From my research and help from fellow Amazoners, I can now give you a breakdown of what this means and what this will charge. I will use the devices I have, so you do the approximates for your devices.

iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus needs 1 amp (5 watts) to charge. the iPad 3 need 2.1 amp (12 watts), so if we plug the two into this station, we have 8 watts left, hence plugging in another iPad would be out of the question, as it will only trickle charge slowly. I could, however, plug in another iPhone or my GoPro Black which also needs only 1 amp (5 watts) to charge at a regular rate. Do keep in mind that when an iPhone needs 1 amp, even if you made available all the 5 amp to the iPhone alone, it will not charge quickly, the charger will make sure that it is only sending out the required amp to the iPhone, hence, whatever you do with this, you will not damage your devices. You will either, charge them at a regular rate or you will charge them slowly.

In my situation, I have 3 iPads, 2 iPhone 6s in my household, hence this will need, 12w+12w+12w+5w+5w (Total 46w) to be able to plug them all in at the same time and charge them at a regular pace. If I wanted to charge all of them simultaneously, which will never be the case for me as well as for most, I will need this charging station from Aukey.

If you in a thought as to how many watts/amps might your device take up, try simple search terms “how many amps to charge —your device name—“ and you will more than likely find the answer. Overall, I am satisfied that, I can charge up to 3 power-hungry devices or 5 iPhone or surely high-end Android phones from this cheap and affordable charger.

There is a warranty card in the box which indicates that you need to register your product to get a warranty, however, this is not the case, Aukey support clarified that the invoice itself is the warranty. This comes with 24 months warranty as indicated by Aukey support.

I have asked fellow Amazoners some questions and also contacted Aukey support for clarifications, hence, if you have a question, do ask and most members or myself will be happy to help.