You are not a True Indian if you do not…

You are not a True Indian if you do not…

– Use the high beam regardless of the conditions.

– Overtake from the left.

– Have strong feeling/confidence that you can bribe/influence yourself out of any tricky situation you might face.

– Are surprised that a traffic cop is writing you a ticket rather than ask for a bribe.

– Happily eat street food where there are traffic passing and countless amount of bacteria, dust consisting of human excreta and what not is landing on your food but create a huge ruckus of the water stain on the glass when you visit an upscale eatery.

– Think that urinating on the roadside or in open vacant areas is fine when you really need to go. –

– You feel incredibly patriotic on Independence day.

– You feel proud when you break all rules about children handling automobiles, for example, your 12-year-old driving a bike or your 3-year-old handling the steering while sitting on your lap. You also boast that your kid can already drive vehicles.

  • If you do not support the Indian cricket team.