Rupeebot Press Release

Rupeebot Press Release


Rupeebot is a ‘Deals Website’, where users can view, submit, vote & expire Deals & Vouchers. It is a user-based community for users to write product reviews, share shopping advices and many more for consumers to benefit. One of the primary driving forces behind this platform is to help consumers make well-informed buying decisions and thereby save ‘Time & Money’.

Posting, voting and finding deals are going to be the major user activities on Rupeebot. Additionally, users can have a lot of fun through freebies and competitions that help them in saving and making money.

Rupeebot is only a platform provider and doesn’t sell any product. The ambition of Rupeebot is to carve a name as the ‘go-to community’ for both consumers to learn about online deals and retailers to have a fair deal opportunity. ‘Product quality’ and ‘value for money’ are the influencing factors in the community as deals are submitted and rated by users and not by the retailer.

Rupeebot will be available as a dedicated mobile application on various mobile operating systems soon. However, the current website renders on all major mobile browsers with a simple user interface to easily find and post deals.

Consumers today have so much choice to buy from in almost any category. The online world has played into the hands of consumers and made life easy but a little risky to purchase anything online. With a horde of e-commerce sites entering the fray, consumers have little clue about the genuinity of the product they want to purchase from these portals. They end up researching quite a bit to get that information, but unfortunately, the information is not available. If its available, the accuracy is questionable. Similarly, genuine retailers are finding it difficult to decide the path they need to take to tap consumers and get the right exposure.

It is here that Rupeebot wants to play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between and helping the consumers and the genuine retailers. Rupeebot has emerged to solve the most common problem that today’s consumer world is facing i.e., making wise decisions while buying products online.

Consumers want more than just lowest price in the market. They want to know more about the product quality and performance before buying. Unfortunately, no one can know this information unless other consumers share their knowledge of the product either through their personal experience or academic know-how. Rupeebot provides its platform to consumers to come and learn everything about the available deals and products.

Rupeebot empowers consumers with the required information. The users create 90% of Rupeebot’s content and they are none other than value conscious consumers. The framework of the platform is built in such a way that users will be penalised if their information is found inaccurate.

The point system of Rupeebot is another aspect that makes it different from that of many existing deal websites. Every user activity from posting deals & vouchers to expiring them, writing product reviews & rating them would result in points. These points are proportionate to the user’s participation and involvement in the site. The points thus accumulated can be redeemed for gifts or gift cards or cheque or even cash.

Rupeebot is socially powered in that it brings various users together as a community to discuss and write their experiences with various products and services. All the reviews and comments are open to all, so the consumer world can read and rate them. Eventually, this helps consumers in arriving at the right decisions by identifying the most appropriate local online deal that matches their purse and taste.

Merchants, who are registered as users in Rupeebot, have an opportunity only to interact with the other users in the reviews section. Self promotion of their products or services by merchants is absolutely not possible.

Here are some unique services offered to users at Rupeebot.com that are different from largely successful websites around the world:

  • Along with browse & find users can submit online deals, local deals, coupons, freebies and competitions.
  • Users can vote for deals and vouchers. Their voting will influence the ranking of a particular deal among many existing deals. And this ranking will determine the visibility of the deal. The best voted deals from various categories will be published on the home page.
  • Users expire online deals.
  • The best deals chosen by the consumers will be further spread through Rupeebot’s Social Network (Facebook, Twitter & Google+). Daily/weekly/monthly newsletters via email will enhance visibility. This is an added advantage to the retailer as their products and services reach wider consumer-base in the most organic way possible.
  • Users can post their used/new articles for sale/exchange in the Trade Section of Rupeebot. They can also post requests for products or services they may require.