Rejoice! Hong Kong’s Keeping Love Alive

Rejoice! Hong Kong’s Keeping Love Alive


_Opening scene: The husband hands the wife the divorce papers that already has his signature. With tears streaming down her face, the wife says she will agree to sign the papers with one condition. For the remaining days of the month, she requests a hug a day from her husband. The husband reluctantly agrees and carries his things out of the apartment.

Wife: Do you still remember that this is the place where you proposed to me? You went on one knee and gave me this (ring). You said you want to be with me forever. Hug me.

Husband: I am sorry.

Wife: This is where you said you love me.

Husband: Sorry, sorry I am late! Eh, we have been here before right?

Wife: Do you really remember? This is where you first kissed me.

Wife: I have signed the papers.

Husband: Can I hug you tomorrow?

Love, that you can’t bear to let go of. Last year, there are over 300,000 divorce cases. More than 10,000 pairs decided to reconcile at the end: #Ibelieveinloveagain.