In the garden of transformations

In the garden of transformations

In the garden of transformations, a man and a woman meet.
They are misfits in the world but when together, they remember who they are deep inside, and feel free to say and do things they haven’t done in years.
They cherish the freedom so much they promise they will let their relationship be a monument to freedom, a place where there are no rules and where each of them can be whatever they want to be.

The man turns into a unicorn and the woman rides him.
The woman turns into a tree and the man climbs her.
They both turn into water and waltz at the bottom of a river.

Then one day, the man comes to the garden after a long day’s work and finds that his lover is missing.
He calls her name – the name he has given her and which must not be used here – but she doesn’t answer his call.
Then he sees a bird on a branch and recognizes his lover’s edgy grace from the bird’s movements. Something is up, he thinks.
‘There you are,’ he says.
‘Yes, I’ve always wanted to fly. This feels wonderful,’ his lover says.
‘Do you want to fly away?’ the man asks, correctly gauging her wish.
The bird looks away. After a pause, she says, ‘I just want to see how it feels.’
‘Then you should go,’ the man says.
‘Really? You won’t miss me?’ the bird asks.
‘I will, but you can be whatever you want with me,’ the man says.
So the bird takes to the sky, promising to return at a later date.
As she flies away, the man looks at the bird’s arc of flight in the sky with regret and happiness.

But he finds that his happiness is greater than his regret, and this is how he knows his soul has expanded in the garden of transformations, that beautiful, strange place where the only love you get to keep is the love you give away.