Design for Charity

Design for Charity

This one is a dream project I wish I had the resources to start immediately. The website targets the entire world audience where users can order the designing of websites & graphics for nominal prices and by doing so they can chose to donate funds to charities they choose to. So, for example Mr. X needs a website designed, he visits the build a website page, which will be similar to this page here. After customizing what he wants he is presented with an option of customizing the amount he wishes to pay to get the work done. Mr. X sees that 50% of the base revenue will be donated to the charity he chooses, he also finds that he can slide the slider further to donate more to charity.

How it Works

Base Price = 50% for the designer and 50% for the charity. Increase in base price = 100% of increased price goes to the charity

Unique Selling Proposition;


Funds delivered to the Designer and the Charity only after work marked complete by the client

Sustainability Model;

10% charged from every transaction towards costs


Designers from around the world can register and maintain profiles and rating just like any services portal, especially like Fiverr or eBay


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