Hotel Murugan, Kaza, Mangalagiri, Guntur

Hotel Murugan, Kaza, Mangalagiri, Guntur

Hotel Murugan is located just after the Kaza toll gate if you are approaching it from Guntur and just before if you are arriving from Vijayawada. Hotel Murugan started as Murugan Mess under a small shed serving Thalis for travellers on the highway who wanted to stop for a heavy meal.

Hotel Murugan, Guntur, Vijayawada

New premises but remains true to the old Murugan Mess

The concept of Thali is unique to India where you are served rice as the staple and numerous curries to accompany the rice. In some eateries, the Thali meals are limited, while you are served unlimited rice, the portion of curries is restricted. Hotel Murugan is quite liberal in this aspect. They serve unlimited Thali meals, this means, you can eat as much as you want of any of the items included in the Meals.

Since the old days about a decade back, Murugan Mess which served around 30 people at a time, Hotel Murugan has grown into this gigantic hotel which is now graced by the affluent society as well as casual travellers. Hotel Murugan now serves about 150 people at one go and surprisingly, you will find that during peak times, it is still difficult to find a seat to have your food. What makes Hotel Murugan so special?

Hotel Murugan, Guntur, Vijayawada

The dal/pappu is one reason you must visit Hotel Murugan

Back in the day, the owners themselves cooked and served food with a huge smile and seemed content when a customer ate his fill, this spread a sense of warmth to the community of food lover. Apart from this service, they were renowned for their food, it was tasty, especially the Dal with the ghee was a pure winner. It is these traits that spread the word like wildfire about Hotel Murugan. As it is a known fact, word of mouth is the strongest reference and advertisement any business can get.

Recalling old times when we had food in the shed as well as in their house during construction of the new premises. I visited them for the first time after they opened their new building. I was surprised at the rush, the old shed and both floors were full, we had to start off sharing a table but soon the crowd dwindled as the lunch hour peak had passed.

Hotel Murugan, Guntur, Vijayawada

The assortment of curries left on your table, eat as much as you want/can.

We ate to our heart’s content, the Dal remained the same. My friend who had visited with me mentioned after the meal that he had not eaten so much food in a while. He is normally a picky eater but yet loved the food to bits. Some things to keep in mind when you visit Hotel Murugan, they offer Chicken, Mutton and Omelette, their Chicken fry and Mutton are utter nonsense and best to not order them, absolutely stay away because you will not have room to eat everything. Instead, try their Omelette, which during their rush hours, they will refuse to serve. Just ask them to do it and insist, they will oblige. Roti or Pulka is not served here, neither is there any menu to be ordered from.

Hotel Murugan, Guntur, Viayawada

This is past the prime lunch hour, around 15:00

If you have a friend from out of state or out of the country visiting you, you should take them to this place for the experience. Do keep in mind that this is not a fine dine. There is no air conditioning. Food is served on a plantain leaf.

Hotel Murugan is closed on Sundays.