AB’s – Absolute Barbecues – All about quantity, not quality!

AB’s – Absolute Barbecues – All about quantity, not quality!

I have visited AB’s – Absolute Barbecues 3 times now. My first outing was after my friend convinced me that it was better than BBQ Nation. During the first outing, I did enjoy the starters and the live kitchen, the seconds time, not quite, the third one was horrendous.

AB’s – Absolute Barbecues is crammed beyond capacity. We went there on a Wednesday night, and we had to wait 30 minutes before we got a table. This is not a complaint but more of a compliment that the place is so famous. We got a table and began. The primary difference I find from AB’s and BBQ Nation is the service. Here, you have young and inexperienced staff going through the motions, asking you if everything is alright just to make you feel special. Nothing wrong in this but it’s just that its annoying know that they are just pretending and do not give a dime about you. For example, we ordered a cocktail even before we began eating, one of the guys acknowledged it and never showed up. When we informed this, in the end, one person lined up all the staff and asked us to recognise the person who took our order. We felt this was unprofessional. It must be said he profoundly apologised and the apology was accepted.

If you get up to get yourself some food, you will need to watch where you are going and make sure you don’t bump into someone. The live stir-fry section is loaded with some good exotic meats. However, the guys who are there are just too tired to make us feel that they are happy with what we are having, no smile, no greeting, just stone-faced. I had the duck which I felt was too dry and stale.

The desert section is loaded with cheap stuff, for example, the double chocolate cheesecake is nothing but buttercream, there is no vague resemblance of a cheesecake there. The guy handling the rabdi pan was so unhappy to serve me two scoops of rabdi that I had to keep asking him about 4 times, some more please, some more please which made me very uncomfortable.

I went over to the pasta section and asked if they had some bacon, the guy had absolutely no clue what I was talking about. All he had were some herbs, some liquid cheese and cooked pasta. I skipped that.

The table we were seated at had a window AC right behind me. Although the vents were flipped to the top, it was still hitting my head and after a while it became unbearable. It was literally as if I had my back to the AC. Why they would have a table in front of an AC is beyond me.

The next big issue I had with AB’s – Absolute Barbecues were the skewers (Please check the image above). If there was a picture I could show for filth, it would be these skewers. The place where there is the knob to hold them was almost mushy. When I was handling these, there would be some sort of slime that stuck to my fingers. I guess, they are so busy that they do not bother about cleaning these skewers.

To round off my review. I would say this is a place for a casual visit when your belly is empty and you just want to fill it up with whatever and you don’t really care about the flavours, quality or service but your only priority is quantity.