with tears rolling on the keyboard, i type this out, unsure how i will face you now, lifeless and ready for the final journey you are. where was the final good bye my friend? then i remember, you were not the one to be formal…

plain and true you were, as naive as they come,
no my friend, they don’t make them like you any more…
you were a gentle giant, albeit a little child deep inside…
happy for tiny deeds that were of no gain, never were you upset,
my friend, i know not any better human than you,
i can vouch and say, every single person you knew would grieve today…

your love for driving knew no bounds,
we knew we were safe with the wheel at your hands,
we must have travelled a million miles together,
let me tell you, i remember each one of them.

last three days have been hell, knowing you were not well,
they said there was no hope, then they said you were gone…
our friends call me, ask me why? what am I to tell them my friend?
I tell them the stars in the skies, scouted for miles,
they found you and took you up to the skies, forever to remain by their side,
I told them Sunil will be with us forever,
forever looking down on us, until I reach you my friend,
I will think of you always, you will remain in my heart!