Palavelli Boutique Resorts – Review

Palavelli Boutique Resorts has the potential to be Andhra Pradesh’s best resort. I was saddened to see the current situation of the place. To begin with, I had to ring

Taj Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru  

The greatness of good hospitality is that the host never makes the visitor feel that he is causing trouble or an unnecessary burden on them. We were at Taj Yeshwantpur,

Barcelos – Forum Mall, Hyderabad

If you are familiar with Nandos, this is very close to that. We went here as a group of 7 adults and 3 children. We placed our order of 2

Premier Inn Anjuna – Review

Once we decided we were heading to Goa during the monsoons, it was a matter of finding a good deal on the hotel as this was going to be a

Airtel Review – Is Airtel India a good Mobile Network?

Over the past few years, mobile access has become a part of life. It is very similar to getting water, electricity and other essentials in daily life. I was using

So. The Sky Kitchen Hyderabad – Romantic place to dine

Four of us visited So. The Sky Kitchen Hyderabad at around 10:15 PM and were promptly seated at the table of our preference.  We were overlooking the KBR park, and

AB’s – Absolute Barbecues – All about quantity, not quality!

I have visited AB’s – Absolute Barbecues 3 times now. My first outing was after my friend convinced me that it was better than BBQ Nation. During the first outing, I did

Vivaha Bhojanambu, Hyderabad – Spice lovers delight

This is a new place that joins the ranks of Rayalaseema Ruchulu, Ulavacharu and other restaurants that serve authentic cuisines. When we arrived on a Wednesday afternoon, the place was

Pista House Vijayawada – Disgustingly Unhygienic

Pista House Vijayawada is a place famous for its offering of Haleem during Ramzan season, Pista House rose to fame with branches all over and also offering regular restaurant food

FoodPine – Food Delivery in Guntur

Food Delivery in Guntur As Guntur gets busier and going onto the main roads seems like war, we needed someone to handle food delivery in Guntur, here is a service

Transmedia Guntur – Unreliable & Unethical

Do yourself a favour and read this before you apply for a broadband connection from Transmedia Guntur. Transmedia Guntur Broadband services have been one of the worst services I have

Mekong – Marigold Hotel Begumpet – Review

Mekong – Marigold Hotel Begumpet was on our radar for a very long time. I and Zen made our way to the restaurant for a late dinner at around 21:00.

The Park Hotel, Visakhapatnam – Review

The first choice of stay was Varun Novotel, however, as the one day stop over at Araku was for the sole purpose of visiting the beach and spending some time

Feiyu G3 Gimbal for GoPro HERO – Review and Customer Support Experience

Once I had bought my GoPro Hero 4 Black, it did not take me long to realise that I would not be able to shoot any stable video without something

Buying Real Plants Online – Review review In this review, I record my experience of buying live plants online from Right from the time I contact them initially, place my order, receive damaged

The name Godrej reeks trust, the name Godrej reminds you of your childhood days when you seemed to have that epic almirah in your home which you thought was a

Aukey Charging Station – Review

In this Aukey Charging Station – Review the model being reviewed below is the Aukey PA-U37 5 Port 25W USB Charging Station (Black) Aukey is a trusted brand worldwide, I

China Bistro, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – Review

“Food is tastier when eaten along with a fellow foodie who appreciates what it is” Seldom do you find good food, a good mate to converse, great ambience combined with

Breakfast fit for a King – Trident, Hyderabad

The Trident is a hotel in Hyderabad within the Madhapur area. I am writing this review after visiting this place for the fifth time. As I do not live in

Häagen-Dazs Powai, Mumbai – Review

We just had an excellent lunch at Candies and as I was visiting Mumbai, I got all excited when I spotted the Häagen-Dazs outlet on our way to lunch. we

Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills – Review

We were at the Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills on a Wednesday evening at around 21:00. From his earlier visit, my friend was impressed with the interiors of this place. He did

Yuccabe Italia Planters Review

Yuccabe Italia Pack of 6 Stella I had my eyes set on these planters from a very long time. I had the plants ready to go onto these. What impressed

3 Month Usage Review of Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband

Since I had used Fitbit One(Black) for over 4 years now, I decided it was time I got myself a heart rate monitor and a fitness band which was more

Bora Bora – Mumbai

We were there for a pretty late lunch, guess around 4. We had the whole place to ourselves. The place was chic and the interiors were fab. The entire place

In this Review I write my experience with Paytm support, which I rate as extremely poor, my first ticket was answered after 3 days, there was no apology for the

It was my best buddy’s birthday and I drove 350 kilometres to be present on the day. It was not one of those parties where there are a group of

I was travelling from Vijayawada to arrive to be part of a birthday dinner, I saw Labonel whilst entering Hyderabad several times. In the past, I also went in to

We wanted to celebrate a birthday and we decided to go to The Oriental Pavilion, I myself chose this place because back in the day when I was eating vegetarian, gives you the impression that it is not your normal online retailer and that is true. They sell curated collections along with world foods. I got hold of a

Let me start by saying that this restaurant is not for everyone. Mexican food can be delicious but if you don’t order the right item, it can be quite off

Overall, my two day stay at Justa – The Residence Hyderabad was a pathetic experience, I do not recommend Justa – The Residence Hyderabad to any one, please look for

The Golden Pavilion is located on the MG road in Vijayawada. The Golden Pavilion has quite an offering on its menu, it has all the normal dishes that you would

It was raining non stop for the last 36 hours and the thought of ordering a Pizza came across as a brilliant one. The world renowned Dominos Pizza setup shop

We visited Cafe Bahar for lunch, original plans were to visit Paradise but they changed. Initial reactions were good as they had an efficient valet staff and our car was

I was on the look out for a good Dentist within the vicinity of Guntur. In particular I was on the look out for an endodontist to take care of

Like the few million who were out there waiting for Windows 8 to release, I instantly upgraded to Windows 8. I was pleasantly pleased to see that Microsoft had abrasively

It was on the 6th of November that I had checked in to Heritage Inn, I had called in earlier to book my reservation. I arrived at the hotel from

While we were back in UK, me and Zen were prolific eaters of Traditional English Breakfast, the pubs there served some fabulous breakfast and The Moon on the Square was