Gurgaon, Baapjanma, Masaan, Rahasya and Sairat – Movies you might have missed!

These are 5 movies I would recommend to mature audiences with a keen interest in drama films. There will be no bashing, no cars flying, definitely, these are not part

Relatos salvajes (Wild Tales)

“Society is full of people who repress themselves and thereby become depressed. We fantasize about what we could have done, what we should have said, and we argue to ourselves

A.R. Rahman – Kun Faya Kun (Berklee Indian Ensemble cover)

A.R. Rahman’s “Kun Faya Kun” performed live by The Berklee Indian Ensemble at Symphony Hall, Boston. Sufism, the mystical sect of Islam, is partly characterized by its rich musical tradition,

Seductive Credits “The Night Manager”

"The Night Manager" Title Sequence from Elastic on Vimeo. Seductive death machines: Making “The Night Manager” titles with Patrick Clair Smashing together the worlds of luxury and warfare, Elastic and

The new J.Views singl doesn’t have a digital tempo, because the tempo is set by your heartbeat. The first video of its kind, #Almostforgot is controlled by the viewer’s own

Official music video for Jane Bordeaux's 'Ma’agalim'. In a forgotten old penny arcade a wooden doll is stuck in place and time.

This is a collection of Travel videos found on the internet.

Satoru Iwata was a Japanese game programmer and businessman who served as the fourth president and chief executive officer of Nintendo.

TRASH CAT; Dir: Kelsey Goldych Kelsey Godlych‘s senior thesis film from SCAD is tailor-made made for the internet: brief, adorable, and about cats. While it’s not normally the type of film

Every Best Picture. Ever. from Burger Fiction on Vimeo.

Lone Survivor – 8/10

[sws_blockquote align=”left” alignment=”alignleft” cite=”” quotestyles=”style01″] The moment Christopher Gardner is offered a job as a broker… The Pursuit of Happiness [/sws_blockquote]

I was expecting a montage or an extended tribute for Yash Chopra at the beginning of the film. It was kept short and sweet with an iconic photograph and SRK