Video shot with iPhone 3Gs

The Golden Pavilion is located on the MG road in Vijayawada. The Golden Pavilion has quite an offering on its menu, it has all the normal dishes that you would

This is just a quick thought that occurred to me when one of my friends in the medicine industry called and asked me if we could come up with an

It was raining non stop for the last 36 hours and the thought of ordering a Pizza came across as a brilliant one. The world renowned Dominos Pizza setup shop

We visited Cafe Bahar for lunch, original plans were to visit Paradise but they changed. Initial reactions were good as they had an efficient valet staff and our car was

“You aren’t remembered for doing what is expected of you” I had not heard of a person by name Atul Chitnis before this gentleman passed away at the age of

Life Vest Inside – Kindness Boomerang from Orly Wahba on Vimeo. A beautiful video shot in the most wonderful manner. Description from the Author “Watch as the camera tracks an

At Marriot, Hyderabad.

When mother traveled to Malaysia, she returned with 2 Miu Miu bags from Malaysia and gifted them both to Sowmya.

I accompanied my friend Jagganatha Reddy to buy Tobaccco for his company which exports the same. This was clicked in Sathenapalli

I was having my early morning coffee when I heard a dog howl or as many people prefer to call it, crying. My wife went out to check and came

I was on the look out for a good Dentist within the vicinity of Guntur. In particular I was on the look out for an endodontist to take care of

[sws_blockquote align=”left” alignment=”alignleft” cite=”” quotestyles=”style01″] The moment Christopher Gardner is offered a job as a broker… The Pursuit of Happiness [/sws_blockquote]

There is something out there that is more powerful than an image, something that can convey a message to a larger audience without many bells and chimes, that is the

There are PSA’s and there are PSA’s that make their point, this one certainly did. A simple and sad PSA shot with nothing more than creativity, no graphics, no heavy

It was back in the year 2006-2007 that we frequented the French restaurant Chez Lindsay in Richmond upon Thames in London. My favorite food there were the bread that they

I was expecting a montage or an extended tribute for Yash Chopra at the beginning of the film. It was kept short and sweet with an iconic photograph and SRK

Like the few million who were out there waiting for Windows 8 to release, I instantly upgraded to Windows 8. I was pleasantly pleased to see that Microsoft had abrasively

It was on the 6th of November that I had checked in to Heritage Inn, I had called in earlier to book my reservation. I arrived at the hotel from

While we were back in UK, me and Zen were prolific eaters of Traditional English Breakfast, the pubs there served some fabulous breakfast and The Moon on the Square was

On the evening of 24th October, three of my friends visited inorbit mall, it was a mad rush, it was crowded like something I never saw, we wanted to leave,

Read a lot about this restaurant, most reviews that have rated this place below 4 starts on Zomato were not happy about the fact that this was an all vegetarian

[sws_blue_box box_size=”630″] The proposed New user signup page for my new start up website. The idea was to bring on a joyful feel to this at the same time giving

In analyzing your business ideas you must be able to pass them through a test to determine if they truly are valid opportunities. All of your ideas must have a

This one is a dream project I wish I had the resources to start immediately. The website targets the entire world audience where users can order the designing of websites