Gurgaon, Baapjanma, Masaan, Rahasya and Sairat – Movies you might have missed!

These are 5 movies I would recommend to mature audiences with a keen interest in drama films. There will be no bashing, no cars flying, definitely, these are not part

Palavelli Boutique Resorts – Review

Palavelli Boutique Resorts has the potential to be Andhra Pradesh’s best resort. I was saddened to see the current situation of the place. To begin with, I had to ring

Tiny, the beautiful dog that spent 3 days with us!

On 18th June, I was about to take my bike out from my office when a feeble pale structure got up and walked away in a disillusioned manner. It was

Singapore 7 Day Itinerary

After a lot of thought and brainstorming going into it, we zeroed in on staying at the Hotel Boss which is centrally located in the city of Singapore. We are a

Deoriatal — Chandrashila Peak Trek with IndiaHikes

It all started with me spotting a photo shared by a friend on Facebook. This was a photo of her taking a trek through the Valley of Flowers. Upon doing brief

Visiting Goa in the Monsoons – Yes or No?

When you think about Goa, the first thing that comes to mind would be the sunshine and endless beaches. Sunbathing, water sports, and shacks that serve up amazing drinks. You

Taj Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru  

The greatness of good hospitality is that the host never makes the visitor feel that he is causing trouble or an unnecessary burden on them. We were at Taj Yeshwantpur,

Barcelos – Forum Mall, Hyderabad

If you are familiar with Nandos, this is very close to that. We went here as a group of 7 adults and 3 children. We placed our order of 2

Whatsapp Invitations & Festival Wishes

I was eagerly waiting for a letter to arrive in the post. The letter arrived all the way from New York. I was 12 and the letter was from my

Premier Inn Anjuna – Review

Once we decided we were heading to Goa during the monsoons, it was a matter of finding a good deal on the hotel as this was going to be a

Airtel Review – Is Airtel India a good Mobile Network?

Over the past few years, mobile access has become a part of life. It is very similar to getting water, electricity and other essentials in daily life. I was using

So. The Sky Kitchen Hyderabad – Romantic place to dine

Four of us visited So. The Sky Kitchen Hyderabad at around 10:15 PM and were promptly seated at the table of our preference.  We were overlooking the KBR park, and

AB’s – Absolute Barbecues – All about quantity, not quality!

I have visited AB’s – Absolute Barbecues 3 times now. My first outing was after my friend convinced me that it was better than BBQ Nation. During the first outing, I did

Vivaha Bhojanambu, Hyderabad – Spice lovers delight

This is a new place that joins the ranks of Rayalaseema Ruchulu, Ulavacharu and other restaurants that serve authentic cuisines. When we arrived on a Wednesday afternoon, the place was

Hotel Murugan, Kaza, Mangalagiri, Guntur

Hotel Murugan is located just after the Kaza toll gate if you are approaching it from Guntur and just before if you are arriving from Vijayawada. Hotel Murugan started as

Pista House Vijayawada – Disgustingly Unhygienic

Pista House Vijayawada is a place famous for its offering of Haleem during Ramzan season, Pista House rose to fame with branches all over and also offering regular restaurant food

Relatos salvajes (Wild Tales)

“Society is full of people who repress themselves and thereby become depressed. We fantasize about what we could have done, what we should have said, and we argue to ourselves

FoodPine – Food Delivery in Guntur

Food Delivery in Guntur As Guntur gets busier and going onto the main roads seems like war, we needed someone to handle food delivery in Guntur, here is a service

Transmedia Guntur – Unreliable & Unethical

Do yourself a favour and read this before you apply for a broadband connection from Transmedia Guntur. Transmedia Guntur Broadband services have been one of the worst services I have

Preparing for your first Hike – Trekking with Indiahikes

Unlike the many articles, you will find when you Google “Preparing for your first Hike“, this article is written by a first time hiker who has never hiked or camped

DIY – Shoe Rack with Ceramics

It is always fun attempting DIY projects. After making a small table to place pots which were more of a 4 plank nail up job, I attempted this shoe rack

Mekong – Marigold Hotel Begumpet – Review

Mekong – Marigold Hotel Begumpet was on our radar for a very long time. I and Zen made our way to the restaurant for a late dinner at around 21:00.

The Park Hotel, Visakhapatnam – Review

The first choice of stay was Varun Novotel, however, as the one day stop over at Araku was for the sole purpose of visiting the beach and spending some time

Bath time by Emad S Nassar

Emad has been covering the Palestinian-Israeli conflict over the last few years, documenting the struggles of life on the Gaza strip. He has photographed bloodied children moments before death, and

Feiyu G3 Gimbal for GoPro HERO – Review and Customer Support Experience

Once I had bought my GoPro Hero 4 Black, it did not take me long to realise that I would not be able to shoot any stable video without something

A.R. Rahman – Kun Faya Kun (Berklee Indian Ensemble cover)

A.R. Rahman’s “Kun Faya Kun” performed live by The Berklee Indian Ensemble at Symphony Hall, Boston. Sufism, the mystical sect of Islam, is partly characterized by its rich musical tradition,

Seductive Credits “The Night Manager”

"The Night Manager" Title Sequence from Elastic on Vimeo. Seductive death machines: Making “The Night Manager” titles with Patrick Clair Smashing together the worlds of luxury and warfare, Elastic and

France 2016 – Landmarks & Architecture

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France 2016 – Flora and Fauna

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France 2016 – Gastronomy

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France 2016 – Abstract & Street Art

A collection of captures I thought were different to mainstream art. Every nook and corner of France presented me with something artistic and something worth capturing. Below are few such instances.

Ladakh – A Time lapse Journey

Please read below the authors description and story. I am still waiting for my turn to visit Leh Ladakh. With India in Motion, my goal is to showcase the incredible

The new J.Views singl doesn’t have a digital tempo, because the tempo is set by your heartbeat. The first video of its kind, #Almostforgot is controlled by the viewer’s own

Official music video for Jane Bordeaux's 'Ma’agalim'. In a forgotten old penny arcade a wooden doll is stuck in place and time.

Buying Real Plants Online – Review review In this review, I record my experience of buying live plants online from Right from the time I contact them initially, place my order, receive damaged